I'm Jennifer Cross.

I am a roboticist,
educator, and scientist.





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Arts & Bots

Arts & Bots is a middle school robotics program which combines standard robotics components, craft materials, a storyboard-based programming environment, and teacher training to integrate robotics into non-technical courses. By integrating robotics into required core classes like history, and English, we can engage a broader group of students than an elective class or an extracurricular. In Arts & Bots, robotics is used as a novel medium to engage students within the subject. Simultaneously, robotics is contextualized through that course content and made relevant for students not interested in “technology for technology’s sake”.

Creative Robotics: an Inclusive Program for Fostering Diverse STEM Talent in Middle School

Robot Diaries: Co-Design of Creative Technology and Middle School Curriculum


A Low Cost Robotics kit for Elementary Education

Past Projects…